What is 5G Wireless Certification

Launching a wireless product requires a complex testing and certification process because your device need to function as promised based on the different technologies it uses. Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and cellular, to name just those, all requires specific requirements such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio frequency (RF) and specific absorption rate (SAR) to prevent products from interfering and potential malfunctioning leading to health and devices injury. In this sense, wireless testing assess the real-life performance and functionality of products.

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RF testing & certification for SRD, NFC, ISM, Wi-Fi, cellular
SAR testing & certification
TCB listing services for FCC & ISED (Canada)
European notified body opinion
Japan CAB certification for Wi-Fi, NFC, cellular, ISM
China SRRC & CTA certification
Brazil OCD listing services & Anatel certification
Wireless testing & certification
Bluetooth SIG testing & certification
Local representative services in 196 countries


Testing & certification from start to deliverable
Fixed costs from start to deliverable (test report)
24/7 proactive project management
Technical support in case of failures and debugging
Deliverable on time – Radio testing and certification
All tests are under ISO17025 accreditation

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Spectrum allocation is controlled by governments. Therefore radio testing & certification, Wireless approvals are required individually for each country worldwide. Radio testing & certification and wireless certification approvals have 3 main routes:

1. Leveraging based on CE RED and / or FCC test reports

2. Testing based on mutual agreements between countries

3. In country testing in specific countries.

In any of the above options, Wireless registration or testing is a mandatory procedure.

• USA: FCC Part15 Testing & Certification
• Europe: RED Directive testing for CE Mark
• Canada: RSS testing according to Industry Canada – ISED
• Japan: MiC and Telec Radio testing & Certification
• S. Korea: KCC RRA & MSIP testing & Certification
• Australia: ACMA Registration
• Brazil: Anatel testing & certification
• China: SRRC & CTA Testing & Certification

We can help you make sense of all of this so you can focus on your business and go to market faster.
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