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Our goal is to get your product to market quickly and cost effectively. We will take the time to accompany you in this process and disentangle the constantly changing world of compliance. Our consultation service will help you make sense of all this process so you can focus on your business and go to market faster!


Wireless & Celluar

Global Wireless Approvals

Regulatory: FCC Part15, CE, VCCI, KCC, ACMA
Cellular & mobile operators: PTCRB, GCF, Verizon
Bluetooth SIG certification
Type approvals > 196 countries

Telecom & ICT

Information Technology Equipment Certification

Electrical safety: UL-60950, EN 60950, IC 60950
EMC testing & certification
Consumer product safety certification
Cyber and crypto (FIPS 140-2) certification
Sustainability and recycling reports
CE files preparations & DoC


Electrical Consumer Products

CE GPSD & recall directive
Sustainability chemicals exposure law – Consumers & kids
EMC testing & certification
Product safety testing & certification
ASTM, CPSC, Proposition 65, REACH & RoHS standards
Project management in outsourcing from Start to End

Medical Device

Global Medical Device Approvals

Wireless consulting, testing & certification for products integrated in a MD equipment vs. FDA guidance
EMC consulting, testing & certification for products integrated with a wireless device in a MD equipment vs. FDA guidance
Product safety consulting, testing & certification for IEC 60601-1-xx

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