What is EMC/EMI Certification

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing is required for radio and telecommunications products in almost all countries of the world. EMC test processes are designed to ensure that the electromagnetic interference transmitted by your product is within the accepted range and that your product and its functionalities are themselves not negatively influenced by electromagnetic interferences.

In an EMC test, the so-called immunity to interference and the emitted interference of devices are tested in particular. Because international legislators as well as manufacturers and distributors themselves specify a wide range of limits for the immunity and emitted interference of technical equipment, EMC testing is essential for their market launch.

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Our Services

• FCC Part 15B certification
• CE RED testing
• CE EMC testing
• MNO’s EMC RSE tests for 2/3/4G
• Australia CISPR testing & certification
• VCCI Japan EMC certification


Testing & certification from start to deliverable
Fixed costs
24/7 proactive project management
Technical support in case of failures and debugging
All tests are under ISO17025 accreditation
Covering global market Access requirements

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We carry out EMC testing on the basis of various internationally harmonized EMC standards. Our test reports are recognized by official bodies and regulatory authorities around the world. This applies among others to:

• USA: FCC Part 15 Testing & Certification
• Europe: CE certification (EMC Directive)
• Canada: Industry Canada – ICES standards
• Japan: VCCI certification
• S. Korea: KCC certification
• Australia: ACMA Certification
• Brazil: Anatel Certification
• China: CCC Certification

We can help you make sense of all of this so you can focus on your business and go to market faster.

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