Mexico Published NOM-001-SCFI-2018 – Electronic Devices Safety Requirements

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November 28th, 2020

NOM-001-SCFI-2018 certification is required for technology products being exported to Mexico, including small appliances, wire and cable, electronics, and more.It became effective as of August 2020 with the following impacts:

1. NOM-001-SCFI-1993 will be withdrawn automatically

2. The exemption for products rated < 24V will be withdrawn

3. All products previously using the Equivalency Agreement (EA) published at 2010, applicable to NOM-001-SCFI-1993 will be required to meet the applicable NOM standard

Lately, all international Certification Bodies (UL, CSA, SGS, Nemko, Intertek, TUV Rh, TUV SUD) were notified that the draft Equivalency Agreement (EA) for NOM-001-SCFI-2018 will NOT BE PUBLISHED into law and will remain ON-HOLD until a reciprocity clause is accepted between the USA, Canada and Mexico governments in compliance with Quality Infra-Structure Law dated July 2020.

Based on this decision, manufacturers can no longer import using the EA leveraging UL LLC and UL-C Certificates of Compliance. All previous products registered on the DGN database under the previous NOM-001-SCFI-1993 EA were withdrawn as of August 14th, 2020. Any products under the scope of NOM-001-SCFI-2018 imported now must have a valid NOM certificate to access the Mexico market.

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