NOM-208 certificates issued to non-importers is permitted

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October 7th, 2020

The Secretariat of Economy of Mexico provides official notice to Mexican customs authorities that NOM-208 certificates that have been issued on behalf of someone other than the importer will be accepted.

NOM-208-SCFI-2016 regulates Bluetooth, WLAN, and other short-range devices operating in the frequency bands 2400-2483.5MHz, 5725-5850MHz, and 902-928MHz. This standard has replaced both NOM-121-SCT1-1999 (NOM 121) and NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015 (NOM-016), although certifications obtained under NOM-121 and NOM-EM-016 remain valid.

For the purpose of demonstrating compliance with the NOM-208-SCFI-2016 standard before the customs authorities, valid certificates of conformity and/or compliance with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-208-SCFI-2016, NOM-121-SCTI-2009, of the Official Standard Mexican Emergency NOM-EM-016-SCFI-2015 is required

Certificates of conformity that they were issued in accordance with Technical Provision IFT-008-2015 are also mandatory and will be accepted until the end of their date of validity (expiration date). If the certificate is valid, it will be accepted even if the certificate is issued to a person, party, or entity that is not the importer. Certificates completed under NOM-121 and NOM-016 have permanent validity, however, they cannot be modified to include similar products or additional models.

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