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February 23, 2021

GOST Certificate is the oldest conformity certificate in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union. The national quality system is marked with a symbol. GOST R  is gradually being replaced by the TR CU certification system with several exceptions and soon will be completely withdrawn.

Some products in Russia still should be covered by GOST R certificates. There are two official documents which confirm compliance of the products in GOST R system:


2.Declaration of Conformity GOST R.

Mandatory certificate of conformity confirms the quality of the goods. It can be issued for a batch of goods or for serial production. Voluntary certificate is a marketing tool. Although in accordance with the law, the product is not subject to labeling, the GOST approval mark inspires confidence among buyers.

Declaration of Conformity GOST R is issued only for the products which require certification. It is issued for a particular list of the goods, such as polyethylene pipes, steel ropes, high voltage equipment, medical equipment, household chemicals.

Basic required documents for GOST Certificates:

  • Application
  • Operation documents, with the equipment characteristics
  • ISO certificate
  • Certificates and declarations of conformity to EU directives

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