The FSS (Federal Security Service or FSB) Notification

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February 23, 2021

All products that are capable of encryption need to be approved in the Federal Security Service (FSS or sometimes called FSB) in order to be successfully imported to the Customs union. A special document that confirms the product which is transfer data through crypto algorithms can be imported is called FSS Notification (or FSB Notification).

All products that must be approved through FSS mentioned in the List of encryption means. This List includes Printers, copy machines, facsimile ( fax ) machines and their electronic modules, Pocket computers; Computing machines (including personal computers (PC) and industrial ones) and their parts; Telecommunication equipment and its part and more.  Any of modern telecommunication devise can be classified as one of the mentioned product group and requested the FSS Notification while Customs clearance.

Before July 2018 the main defining characteristic that determined whether it is necessary to get FSS approval or not, was the ability of the device to encrypt the data. Now, we should also take into consideration The list of encryption means above. Which means that if the product is capable of encryption but can not be classified as one of the means from the List the FSS Notification is not required. Instead, the FSS Exemption letter will be issued that can be used as an evidence while importing the goods. The process of the applying for the FSS notification as such as for the FSS exemption letter takes 10 working days.

Documents required :

Before the manufacturer should prepare the legalized Power of Attorney for his partner in the Russian Federation – a resident legal entity which can apply to the FSS for the Notification.

Under legalization power of attorney apostille or the seal of the Russian consul is meant. The power of attorney shall be done by the manufacturer at the local notary office. After this, a notarized power of attorney is transmitted to the Russian consulate.

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